Curriculum vitae of  Dr. Jacob Klimstra


Formal education:



-Technical College Leeuwarden, Ing. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (honours)

-TechnicalCollegeGroningen: post degree educ. in Measurement and Control (2 years)

-University of Southampton: MPhil and PhD in Mechanical Engineering

-University of Groningen: Various management courses.

-Many short courses on specific aspects of Engineering and Management




-Sound and Vibrations (including turbo machinery diagnostics).

-Combustion Pulsations Abatement (burner-boiler combinations).

-Flow pattern and turbulence analysis of air and gas flows

-Reciprocating compressors and engines, including all aspects from mixture formation, combustion to emissions

-Metrology of physical phenomena of processes and energy flows

-Management of R&D department Industrial Gas Applications of Gasunie Research (7 years).

-Technology Marketing of Power Plants (customer-manufacturer partnership), Wärtsilä

-Public speaking at many international conferences and seminars




-Richard Way Memorial Prize (for his PhD thesis)

-J. W. van Oostrom Meyjes Prize (From the Royal Institution of Gas Producers in NL, KVGN)       

-Distinguished Speaker Award from the Society of Automotive Engineers (USA)

-5 x: SAE Award for excellence in oral presentations

-ASME Outstanding Paper Award (2000)

-Honorary Registered Energy Adviser (associatie energieconsulenten AEC, 2003)

-Wärtsilä Quality Work of the Year AWARD 2004

-Most highly rated speaker of Asia Power 2005 Conference, Singapore, January 27-28.

-Principal Guest, Institution of Diesel and Gas Turbine Engineers, London, UK, April 27, 2006

-Best Paper Award, Power-Gen Europe, Madrid, 2007

-Higly Recommended Paper Award, Power-Gen Europe, Milano, 2008

-Cogen Europe Lifetime Achievement Award 2010



Special Tasks and Memberships (past and current):


-Developing and teaching of seminars (cogeneration, energy use, reciprocating engines)

-External examiner during PhD examinations (Delft, Eindhoven, Wageningen & Copenhagen

-Consultancy on Reciprocating Engine and Compressor Problems

-Chairman Visitation Committee Technical Colleges NL (HBO-Raad)

-Chairman of EIRMA Task Force on Benchmarking of Project Management in R&D

-Key-lecturer Management Courses (University Groningen/Freia)

-Member of External Advisory Group, Energy Centre Netherlands

-Member of Project Evaluation Advisory Group, NOVEM

-Member of Innovation Advisory Group, SENTER

-Member of Compressor Research Supervisory Committee, PRCi, USA.

-Member of Motor Technisch Colloquium

-Technical Paper reviewer for Society of Automotive Engineers and ASME

-Associate Member of the Internal Combustion Engines Group of  ASME

-Task Force Member CNG (gas as a transport fuel) of the International Gas Union (IGU)

-Member of Organizing Committees Power Gen Europe & Power Gen Asia

-Leader of European working group on Engine Innovation (EC Chapnet project)

-Conversion of passenger buses and passenger boats to natural gas

-Invited Lecturer on Economy, Energy and  Environmental issues at  different Universities

-Editorial board of COSPP Magazine (Cogeneration and On Site Power Production)

-Chairman of the Board, local school (2000 – 2007)

-Chairman of the examination committee for registered energy advisers NL (OVEA)

-Chairmanships and discussion leader at many international conferences and workshop © 2009 • KvK 01164438

Jacob Klimstra