Some examples of special activities in 2015



“Markets for decentralised energy”,

presentation at a workshop of the Dutch Gas Turbine Association,

Hilversum, The Netherlands.



“The World Around Us”,

presentation on the boundary conditions in the gas engine market, Vaasa, Finland.



“Smart Electricity Production - the current situation and how users can benefit from it”,

presentation at the Energy Managers Conference in Portorož, Slovenia.



“Energy Supply Issues”,

presentation at a workshop for the World Bank, Washington DC.



“Power Generation & Smart Power Generation - The situation in Europe”,

presentation for the Canadian National Electricity Roundtable, Ottawa.



“Uitdagingen voor de energievoorziening en de rol van WKK”, Cogen Flanders workshop in Leuven, Belgium



“The challenges for the power executives of today”, Succa Power Executives day, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


“The Future of the Power Business”,

presentation for the global ABB Turbocharger Group, Sonthofen, Germany.



Moderator and presenter at the Powergen Europe Conference in Amsterdam, NL.



Moderator and presenter at the Powergen Asia Conference, Bangkok, Thailand.



Moderator and presenter at the PowerGen Middle East Conference, Abu Dhabi, UAE.



Analysing process plant issues for Tetrapak



Managing editor of the Decentralized Energy Magazine



Gas quality issues expert for Euromot



Co-author of the book Fuel Flexible Energy Generation: "Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Fuels", ISNB9781782423782





Jacob Klimstra

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